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Rex Fowler

April 19, 2014 - Reserve Seats

Rex FowlerRex Fowler is one-half of celebrated folk/rock duo, Aztec Two-Step. In the late 60's, as a teenager from Maine, Rex followed the song in his heart - first to Boston in 1971 where he met his musical partner Neal Shulman, then on to New York City - where his songs began to take wing.

Long-time followers of Aztec will not be surprised by the beauty and depth of Rex's songwriting and singing. But even the most ardent fans are likely to be surprised by the emotional resonance of Rex's solo performances. For those who care about music, poetry, song-craft and singing, come experience another side of this masterful contemporary musician. Rex continues his artistic endeavors as a songwriter and performer, filmmaker and author-in-the-making with these other solo projects:
Stargazers - his 2008 songs for kids of all ages CD.
200 Cadillacs - his 2004 critically acclaimed documentary film about Elvis Presley's gift of choice - a brand new shiny Cadillac car.
Gettysburg: Reflections on an American Life - his masterful 2000 concept CD.
Classroom Concert Series - his ongoing "edu-tainment" programs for college, high school and school-age children.
The B-Side of Success: An Unlikely Career in the Art - his soon-to-be realized autobiography.

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